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  • …handle your own declarations but still need the necessary know-how to do that? (consultation)
  • …utilise atomised, up-to-date processes and information for your declaration without completely outsourcing the task? (declaration software)
  • …have nothing to do with the issue at all? (complete outsourcing)


Would you like to improve your professional knowledge on European licences for packaging? Do you need an overview of which legal requirements are already met by your organisation?
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We offer consultations on packaging licences for all European countries. You determine the size: we can either help you with specific countries and keep you updated on a regular basis, or we can provide comprehensive compliance reports for your organisation. Learn about how national return schemes work, which legislation you have to take into account, at what intervals your reports have to be provided, which costs your organisation incurs and how these costs can be optimised.

For: Those who’d like to keep the declaration and contact with national schemes within the organisation, but need to strengthen their knowledge in this area.

500 €
per country

Declaration Software

Would you like to manage the declaration yourself but avoidhuman error or potential misinterpretations of foreign legal texts?
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We offer declaration software developed by Interseroh experts, which will convert your data into quantity reports. The software comes with all relevant conversion and legal information, is kept fully up-to-date, and saves you from having to organise collecting, formatting, interpreting and reinterpreting data. Sales data is the only input the software requires.

For: Those who want to play it safe when it comes to expert knowledge, while preferring to manage declarations internally.

200 €
per country

Complete Outsourcing

Does your organisation not have the capacity at its disposal to manage the declaration itself or would you just prefer not to deal with the issue of licensing at all anymore?
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Interseroh can take over the entire declaration process. We will take care of everything, from selecting a return scheme to registering your organisation to regular quantity reports, changes in reporting processes and any other contact. We make sure your organisation does not run any risks and that you can focus on your core business.

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